Support Page

1. Avoid using the unit under condition of high temperature
2. Avoid using it in a low temperature (10 degrees Celsius or lower) It will affect the brightness and response time.
3. Avoid drastic temperature fluctuations from cold to hot, dew will accumulate in the surface that might affect the product.
4. If liquid enters the unit, the product may cause electrical failure which leads to malfunction.
5. LCD surface is made of a soft film and is vulnerable to scratch, avoid sharp objects.
6. Do not bend or stretch the back light wire.
7. It is recommended that the product surface be cleaned. Avoid isoprophyl alcohol or acetone, it might cause damage.
8. It is recommended that the unit be stores in a cool, dry place.
9. Check batteries and avoid using poor quality batteries in the remote control to avoid battery leakage.
10. Install the unit in an even, flat, concrete wall if possible.